The ABC’s of Executive Presence


The ABC’s of Executive Presence

We all know making a great first impression is important, however recently the term executive presence is the buzz.

What exactly is EP?

EP, professional presence, leadership presence (many names for what I like to just call Presence) goes deeper than a first impression. Presence radiates from within; it reflects your comfort with yourself and the rapport you nurture with people around you.

It hinges on your ability to communicate so that others recognize your competence, are eager to listen to what you have to say, trust you, and have confidence in you.

How do you develop EP?

It’s as simple as ABC!

"We cannot change what we are not aware of, and once we are aware, we cannot help but change."

Sheryl Sandberg

Success takes more than ambition and drive.


Appearance is actually the least important of the ABC's, although it serves as a filter. If you don't pass the appearance test you may not be given the opportunity to reveal your quick whit and charming personality, let alone your competence or technical genius. Success takes more than ambition and drive; projecting an image and level of confidence that go along with a higher level of responsibility put you on the fast track for that promotion. An impeccable visual image sends a number of positive messages.
Creates a good first impression Reflects your competence and credibility
Conveys confidence Makes you memorable for all the right reasons
Demonstrates a command of details Filter for behaviour and communication skills
You don't have to have the looks of Angelina Jolie or George Clooney to nail the appearance component of presence. It comes down to what you do with what you've been given. The way you look, how you stand–posture (Mom was right, standing up straight is important), your smile, your you take care of yourself? Your clothes, the quality, style, fit, colour and appropriateness for the occasion (believe it not flip flops are never appropriate for work, not even on casual Fridays). Luckily, this is the easiest of the three to master.


We all know a leader when we see one, and it is a skill that can be learned. According to the Center for Talent Innovation Report gravitas is the core characteristic of Executive Presence characterized by the following six behaviors:
Exuding confidence and grace under fire Demonstrating emotional intelligence
Acting decisively and showing teeth Burnishing reputation
Showing integrity and speaking truth to power Projecting vision
We all know a leader when we see one, and it is a skill that can be learned.
Strong communication skills allow you to challenge, inspire, influence and collaborate with others.


Strong communication skills allow you to challenge, inspire, influence and collaborate with others. This involves both verbal and non-verbal communication providing you with an arsenal of attributes to engage influence and inspire others.
Communicate authentically Body language speaks emotion and never lies
Engage listeners and keep their attention Read the visual messages people send
Say what you mean with confidence and impact Improve body language and posture

Master these and you will set yourself apart from others regardless your career.

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