Individual Services

Corporate and Executive Coaching Individuals

PCG is a full-service professional development organization focusing on interpersonal skills. Our customised, programs are solution-oriented and geared for transformation at the core to drive increased results.

Your personal identity is your most valuable asset. It is the unique value others perceive you to possess. You can develop it, shape it and control it, but first you need to understand who you really are, what value you bring, and what differentiates you. Increased self-awareness in combination with your values and character, allow you to play to your strengths.

Our Approach


At PCG, we partner with our clients to understand their personal and professional needs and develop a customized program. This includes:

Needs assessment and/or 360° diagnostics
Consultation to define program goals
Group coaching and Team building
Executive coaching
One-on-One Coaching or Mentoring
Virtual sessions
Evaluate program outcomes
Maintenance and accountability


Executive Presence
First Impressions
Networking Know How
The Trusted Advisor
Time is Money...not another meeting???
I am Woman hear me Roar
Charisma Can be Learned
Power Etiquette
Wine and Dine with Ease
Winning Body Language
Virtual Communication
Work Smarter not Harder
Impactful Presentations
How to stay calm under pressure
Dress for Success

Our Signature Programs

Professional Appearance


Image is a powerful tool that relies on appearance, specifically dress and grooming. In other words being your best self in every circumstance. Projecting professional presence will increase your confidence and allow your talents to shine. Participants will learn to manage and improve their image through self-awareness.

The importance of image
The language of clothes
Your best colours
Your personality determines your style
Correct fit and tailoring for your body type
Capsule dressing
Appropriate dress for every occasion
The details matter

Create Immediate Impact

Throughout the program, you will track your learning outcomes and set specific strategies for execution. You leave with your new knowledge and skillsets, which can immediately be implemented.