Corporate Services

Corporate and Executive Coaching Teams

Executive Coaching accelerates your success.

Your employees are your greatest assets and good ones work for companies who invest in their personal development. Our high intensity programs are designed for maximum effect in a short time-frame. Each client we work with is different, but each business has common elements that we can improve to help you get the results you want.

Our proactive approach means we’ll work together to develop a plan for growth that is 100% customized to you and your needs. PCG has the content, material, background and experience to cultivate a new level of thinking that will drive real and tangible results in multiple areas. We have coached businesses internationally and are confident you will see measurable results and be completely satisfied.

Our Approach

Our Approach

At PCG, we partner with our clients to understand their personal and professional needs and develop a customized program. This includes:

Needs assessment and/or 360° diagnostics
Consultation to define program goals
Group coaching and Team building
Executive coaching
One-on-One Coaching or Mentoring
Virtual sessions
Evaluation of program outcomes
Maintenance and accountability for further support

* Depending on the scope of our work and your availability, our sessions run
Full day --- Half day --- Lunch’n Learn --- Virtual
Our commitment to evidence based curriculum and expertise in the classroom develops extraordinary leaders and exceptional careers. We have designed engaging interactive programs, where you can test your skills in a safe supportive environment. Video recording, presentations, instant feedback, as well as case studies accelerate your learning. Using real life case studies and role-play, participants draw on their extensive perspectives to solve real life challenges. You’ll come away with new knowledge and ideas that are directly applicable to your business and that will have immediate impact.


Executive Presence
First Impressions
Networking Know How
The Trusted Advisor
Time is Money...not another meeting???
I am Woman hear me Roar
Charisma Can be Learned
Power Etiquette
Wine and Dine with Ease
Winning Body Language
Virtual Communication
Work Smarter not Harder
Impactful Presentations
How to stay calm under pressure
Dress for Success

In addition to these topics we regularly design customized workshops or training for your specific requirements

Our Signature Programs

Create Immediate Impact

Additional bonus, your senior management/leadership team becomes the template for high-performance teams throughout your organization, driving powerful top-down organizational change.